Niyazi Özyurt

He was born in 1972 in Sakarya. He lived in Germany through his childhood. He came to Turkey in 1984. He was admitted to Marmara University, School of Fine Arts in 1993. He worked for the weekly comic Parazit in 1994-95. He made the 45-second and 52-episode “Kitty Cat” serie when he was working for the Martı Animation in 1996-97. He worked for Ifr and Anima in 1999 to 2003. He produced approximately 20 commercial animations, 1 video, 2 series credits, 2 short movies, and a 13-episode animation series. He wrote articles on animation for Bant, a monthly general knowledge and cinema review. Then he founded Maara Animation, and realized the 52x45sec. Cavemankav, 21x1min. Fanatips, 26x2min.Phty-Phty, 83x30sec.Hopisu&Mimocan,15min. T-Bot.174x3min. Fluufy Jet…ClayMtv,  52x3min Dodohando series. He continues his works in Maara Animation.

He was born in 1977 in Istanbul. He graduated from Marmara University, School of Fine Arts.
He worked as a graphic artist in advertising agencies. He produced 3D furniture designs for Derin. He continues his computer-based graphic and compositing works in Maara Animation.

Bülent Durgun
Dilek Özyurt
Costume Designer

She was born in 1977 in Germany. She was admitted to Marmara University, School of Fine Arts, Department of Textile in 1997, and graduated in 2001. She worked as a textile designer for companies like Steps-Bbf, Segese, Vipar, Mixage, Nakiş & Mascara.
She founded the 7DOZ Design brand.
She now designs puppet costumes for Maara Animation.

She was born in 1989 in Istanbul. She graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts / Sculpture department. She got sculpture education in Italy Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Roma. She has got Pedagogical Education Programme Certificate from Marmara University. She has been working in Maara since 2009.

Meliha Demirel
Model Maker
Mustafa Karaca
Model Maker

He was born in 1999 in Istanbul. He won the Marmara University Ceramics and Glass Departmant in 2017. During her university years, she worjed in various ceramic workshops and participated in competitions. He started his minor program in Graphic Design in 2019. He graduated from university in the summer of 2021. He still continues to work on model making at Maara Animation studio.

She started his education at Tevfik Fikret High School and A.U. DTCF French Language and Literature and then continued with the Université de Sorbonne 3eme Degrée La Litterature Française and Harvard University French- English Translation. Finally, she finished A.Ö.F. Public Relations.
After working as an interpreter in various State Institutions and embassies in business life, she worked as International Program Sales Manager at TRT – Turkish Radio and Television Corporation and also vice president of drama in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) TV Department. After retiring, she is a “Freelance Consultant” on the sales of international programs.

Meltem Tümtürk Akyol
Sales Excutive

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