T-BOT (15min.)

T-BOT Stereoscopic 3DStopmotion Short Film

T-Bot is an artificial intelligence robot designed by a curious inventor in a small workshop. He’s programmed to learn everything he experienced and copy. Our robot is very curious. We watch him try to practice what he sees and watches all the time. Because of the program that is installed, and because of the confusion caused by various information, we see our robot in hilarious situations. All of these adventures, T-Bot is accompanied by his beloved dog, Fork.

T-Bot was shown at many festivals in the year it was produced. The most notable are the 3D Beyond Festival in Germany, the Montreal Stop Motion Festival in Canada and the Parallax Stereoscopic Video Art Festival in Czech Republic. This film is stereoscopic 3DStopmotion. It can be viewed in three dimensions with Red-Blue three-dimensional glasses.


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