Adventures With Clay

In our series , there are two main characters . One of them is Dodo other one is a human hand that we never see the body. Hand is like a scuplture artist that shapes objects from play dough.
Dodo is a cute, curious, excited but clumsy character.Each chapter Dodo has a basic motivation and try to reach a goal. The hand’s motivation is to create obstacles. The basic theme in the adventures of the serie is Dodo’s efforts to create solutions to the barriers that Hand builds.
The primary aim of our serie is to help the kids to develop analytical skills. And to promote them to play with play doughs which is proved to support creativİty by scientists. We blend all these with fun and comedy. Thus we aim to entertain them and contibute to their personal growth
13 chapter we created was broadcasted in Turkey (TRT Cocuk) national TV and had very good reaction. The days that that it was broadcasted it was in the first 100 programme based in total individuals and AB. Also it created a hype on social media.
And, finally…Dodohando is back with a new 52 episodes.