MAARA Animation Studio was established at the end of 2006 with a 15-year experience in animation.
The studio was established principally to produce television series superior enough to be broadcast in Turkey and especially in other countries. Commercials, music videos, and of course, animation movies are included in our short and medium term plans.

Knowing that animation is the art of re-building movements, Maara emphasizes movement analyses in its animations. The principle is to determine the understanding of movements that fits the scenario, and to produce works international standards.

With its infrastructure based on humor and caricature art, our studio has put comedy in the center of its works. We have reinforced our expertise in this field, and have proven our success in creating TV comedy and sitcoms in both national and international festivals and fairs.

Tracking the footsteps of Hayali* in our culture, Maara creates projects that we write, draw and design. Our studio has proven its success and animation quality in our works internationally, will continue its productions in this perspective.

Furthermore, Maara organizes studio workshops in order to share its knowledge and expertise, and is in cooperation with educational institutions.

Please remember the famous saying “Tree is known by its fruit” and have fun in our website.


*Hayali: Shadows play artists are called Hayali. These people create their own imaginary plays, stories and puppets, and animate them.