He is a paleontologic era man. He is a caveman and an inventor that immidately take action with his hammer and cutter when an idea comes to his mind.
         He has quite different character from his contemporaries that only waste their time in tehir caves. He is an artist,a  sculpturer, a scietist, an engineer and more...
         He has a unique point of view .In so much that you will be surprised by the way he uses his inventions.. Get ready for the surprise when he invents something that is familiar to our times.
   Moreover his world is very fantastic. Cavemankav can chisel everything you can think of, with his hammer and cutter. And everything that he chisels can come to life there at the moment.
    You will have so much fun when you watch the things happening and Cavemankav’s reactions to them....

  The inventor of everything  that you can think of, is Cavemankav. He invented fire,wheel, lamp,even television and computer, gravity, football, time machine and more.....
He is a character that invents umberella when it rains but instead of  avoiding rain, prefers to do “singing in the raing” dance. Nothing more to say

Because of  his inventions we can see Cavemankav in different situations. In the winter he becomes Santa Clause, when he aims to go to the space he becomes an astronaut... You can see him as a cooker, a singer, a cameraman, superman and much more..Finallerinde ne mi oluyor?! Of course something funny

   In the prehistoric period, in this fantastic world there are some familiar faces. These globally known, famous people accompany our hero as a part of the entertainment.
   Gandalf,Darkwader,Pinokyo,Dracula,Newton,Mona Lisa,Ronaldinho are only a part of those you will see.

   You can never guess what will happen when Cavemankav come acrross with Darkwader, Ronaldinho or what will they decide about the ring with Gandalf.
  65 invention, 65 funny end for  children,youngsters and those who feel young!